This is Nazi poster for The Eternal Jew (1940). 
As I argue in "The Poison Mushroom" essay (below),
Jew hating is the root of all conspiracy theories in Western Civilization.
Conspiracy Theorists, and the Harm They Do
SKEPTIC: Volume 23 Number 2, June 2018
A Woman's Prerogative
Liberty: Volume 17 Number 9/10, September/October 2003
Lafayette Is Dead
Liberty: Volume 17 Number 7, July 2003
BLOGS is my current blog about conspiracy nonsense and the value of history.
I have had several incarnations of my personal blog over the years, each of which I become dissatisfied with in time and trashed. The last version was called, This must be the place, and it ran from July 18, 2015 to September 8, 2017. I let it die because I ran out of time to maintain it and it lacked a clear focus, but I felt the posts were worth preserving.
Taste of Cinema
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