Final episode: An interview with playwright Jeremiah Millar about the many years he spent working on the story of accused JFK conspiracist, Clay Shaw. 
Interview with Cuban immigrant and one time believer in JFK conspiracy stories, Mariano J. Vara.
Interview with cartoonist, The Marvelous Patric.
Interview with Political Science Professor and co-author of American Conspiracy Theories, Joe Uscinski.
Interview with one-time Evangelical Power Player, Frank Schaeffer.
A discussion on the Jew hating roots of today's conspiracy theories.
Interview with JFK assassination expert and Oliver Stone critic, David Reitzes.
Interview with Professor John Adams, who has long taught a popular course on the JFK assassination.
Interview with long-time Dallas resident and Vietnam Vet, Ed Cage, who runs a popular Facebook group about the JFK assassination.
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