I am currently working on a book that expands on my film, Conspiracy Theorists Lie, and covers a good deal of ground throughout US History and World History, while focusing on post-World War II America. My objective is to refute the conspiracy theorist mentality and spark readers' interest to learn more about actual history. My thesis is that we have become particularly vulnerable to misinformation, partly due to our technology - namely TV and the Internet - and partly due to widespread acceptance that President Kennedy's murder was the result of a sinister cabal, which is still preventing us from knowing, "What really happened," more than half a century later. False stories of widespread conspiracies and international puppet masters have been with humanity for a very long time, but it wasn't until JFK's death that a majority began to accept fringe thinking as reasonable. Once that line was crossed, anything imaginable became ideologically justifiable.
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To be clear, I do not pretend to have the definitive answer to all historical questions, many of which are too complex, too obscure, or too subjective to address in absolute terms. Differing perspectives and criteria will always play a role in how each of us understands the past, but that does not mean that every position is relatively true or equally valid. For example, if we ask, “Was President Kennedy a great president?” we need to define our understanding of greatness and how we prioritize the challenges his administration faced. How do we weigh Civil Right vs. the Cold War, or overall economic growth vs. wealth distribution? Does his personal life play a role? His inspirational rhetoric, or only his actions? Depending on your measuring stick, a variety of answers could be reasonably correct and genuinely valuable. On the other hand, when the John Birch Society published a two part phony analysis of the assassination in the 1964 February and March issues of their magazine, American Opinion, entitled, “Marxmenship In Dallas,” there was nothing of substance to measure, let alone reasonably assess in any way. The Birchers not only accused Moscow of masterminding the crime, they insisted that President Kennedy was actually a Soviet Agent all along. The plan, as the Birchers imagined it, was to use JFK’s death to justify a military crackdown on, “right-wing extremists,” which the article defined as, “the Bolshevik’s code-word for informed and loyal Americans.” Only when Oswald failed to escape to Mexico did the plan allegedly fall apart, necessitating the need for the Warren Commission to cover up, “the truth.” Similarly, when today’s Q Cultists insist that JFK tried to warn everyone about the international ring of Satanic pedophiles, before the, “Deep State,” took him out, and Donald Trump is going to complete what the Kennedys failed to accomplish, there is no room for reasonable debate on any of their delusional points and nothing we can hope to learn from following their haphazard trail of breadcrumbs. It’s like asking, “Why was the Holocaust faked?” You can’t gleam anything from history by denying history.


History will teach us nothing
Kennedy Democrats
The Jewish Question
Brown Bolshevism, Red Fascism

Better living through television
The Bay of Pigs
Bond, James Bond
Document Number 1035-960
Tea Party Patriots
Is this America?

    I:    There was no “magic bullet”
    II:   Memorandum For The President, August 15 & 16, 1963:
            The Right-Wing Movement and Right-Wing Groups
    III: JFK’s April 27, 1961 speech: The President and the Press
    IV: CIA Dispatch of April 1, 1967: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report 


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