Dan Wilson Free Life (2007)
This EPK [electronic press kit] was for Dan Wilson’s solo album, Free Life. Dan made it big with his band Semisonic and now spends most of his time writing with and producing other artists, including his Grammy Award Winning work with The Dixie Chicks and Adele.
“Ode to Joy” flashmob (2015)
Director / Editor
I made this for the Wayzata Symphony. It is a flashmob style performance of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” (the final movement of the Ninth Symphony). The performance took place at the IDS (the tallest building in Minneapolis) on November 16, 2015. It is one of the most uplifting and beautiful pieces of music ever written, celebrating the brotherhood of all mankind.
While working as the Program Chair for the Minneapolis Media Institute (MMI) I did several promotional projects, including the, "MMI Wild Faculty" series, and a version of the Harlem Shake.
MMI Dead (2012)
Director / Writer / Editor
This was a school-wide project at the Minneapolis Media Institute, shot in less than two days, with no budget. It’s a spoof on The Walking Dead and the entire zombie genre that we made just for the fun of it.
Am I (2014)
Writer / Editor
Am I was another MMI production I helped out with, and another horror-inspired film, but this one was made for the 48 Hour Film Festival.
"Tha Goat" (2015)
I helped one of my students, Izzy Dunfore, conceptualize and create this humorous video for a song he wrote in record time in one of his recording classes.
"Flowers" (2013)
Director / Editor
This music video was for a friend and former student of mine, Shannon Brunet. We shot it in Studio A at the Minneapolis Media Institute (the former Flyte Tyme Productions building).
"Sugar" (2007)
A potion of this video for Dan Wilson can be seen in the EPK I also edited for him (above) but I do not believe the full video is currently available online.
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