I am a documentarian by training and by inclination. Sure, I have my biases and opinions, but I am more interested in getting the basic facts right than pretending to be right, and I would rather see the world from multiple points of view than pretending that every question has one absolute and final answer for everyone.
I consider myself a student and interpreter of history, which is reflected in much of my work. I believe the past is our best guide to the future, because the more you understand its lessons, the more you can apply them to similar situations. As Mark Twain once purportedly said, “History does not repeat, but it does rhyme.”
I am interested in the ways in which we remember, distort, and transform the past through different forms of media and I have spent more than a decade teaching about mass media at various colleges. I am particularly interested in fake history, most notably conspiracy theories, where records are deliberately falsified and events are knowingly misinterpret to advance an agenda. The growing acceptance of such nonsense in the world today is a grave danger to society and I am doing what I can to fight the good fight against it. 
I hope you find my work interesting and you will support it by sharing it with others.
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