Me in the 70s.

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans,"
or so it has been said, and sung. I have served in the US Army, for three months, where I received an honorable, medical discharge for a messed up back. I was a part of a CD-ROM startup, before the Wild West days of the early Internet startups, where the president of the company convince a couple guys to shoot him, in order to make his suicide look like a murder, leaving the rest of us with nothing but debts and unanswerable questions.  I received an MFA in mass media studies, with a focus on nonfiction filmmaking, and I worked on a Sundance Award Winning documentary before making a feature of my own on a minimalist budget. I taught at various colleges for the better part of twelve years and rose to the level of Program Chair at the Minneapolis Media Institute, before the school's investors decided they could make easier profits elsewhere and shut us down. Since then, I have be making my living doing noncreative, mostly monotonous jobs. It probably goes without saying, but I'll say it, this was not what I envisioned.
I have completed fifty loops around the sun and I can honestly say that I don't know where the time went? I realize that I am still fairly young, my dad was 52 when I was born, and I likely have a good time of time left, but there is a sense of urgency now, an awareness that time is counting down. I am a very lucky man, with a wife and kids in suburbia and relatively good health. I certainly have nothing to seriously complain about. I do, however, have a burning desire to achieve something more, things I can be proud of artistically and professionally, even if they do not make me a pile of money or gain a wide audience. So, that's what I am focusing on. When I have something worth sharing, I will revamp this site and let you know.
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