I am an artist in search of an audience, which is the principle reason I maintain this website. I have worked as a documentarian and a media professor in my home state of Minnesota and the state of Texas, where I received my MFA. But I am also an aspiring writer and public speaker with a wealth of ideas of projects in various stages of development and little time or money to complete them. Such is life.
I consider myself a student and interpreter of history, which is reflected in much of my work. I believe the past is our best guide to the future, because the more you understand its lessons, the more you can apply them to similar situations. As Mark Twain once purportedly said, “History does not repeat, but it does rhyme.”
I am interested in the ways in which we remember, distort, and transform the past through movies, TV shows, and widely accepted facts that are not always factual. I have also become particularly interested in fake history, particularly conspiracy theories, and the danger that this mindset poses to society. Check out my documentary on Nazi Germany, You don’t know Hitler (2006), my look at the JFK assassination, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), and my new blog, nomagicbullets.org, for my thoughts on these subjects.
For business connections you can find me on LinkedIn. For video essays and other videos you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. For random pictures you can follow my Instagram. To help support my work, make a donation at my Patreon page or purchasing something from the JKL Storefront. 
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